Les Enseignants


Marie Saint-Lèbe is Director of Studies and has been at Sauveterre for over 20 years. She has a passion for French literature and loves sharing this with the students. She has three daughters, Charlotte and Sophie and Jade, who have all visited the Chateau on many occasions. Marie is a regular visitor to Cothill and the other Trust schools and enjoys following the progress of past (and future) Sauveterriens.


Marie-Thérèse joined Sauveterre on her birthday in April 2014. She teaches French Oral and Writing and has a broad experience of working in both French and English schools. She lives a bilingual life in Pibrac as her husband is English. She has a son, Philip, who is working in Vietnam and her daughter, Carolyn, is based in Paris. Marie-Thérèse loves travelling and is especially fond of Asia. Indeed, she loves cooking Asian meals and perhaps one day we can convince her to make us one of her special curries!


Gilles Fenieys runs the Samatan Tennis club and he is a great sports enthusiast. At Sauveterre he teaches history, religion and tennis. He is a big supporter of Marseille football team, although his daughter India, who was born in August 2005 prefers Toulouse Football Club! He also has a son called Milo - and he is very popular with Sauveterrians!


Caroline teaches Mathematics. She lives north of Auch near Condom and coaches all sports including swimming and basketball as well as helping with the mid-week excursions. She has a daughter called Zoëlie who comes to the Château now and again.


Céline teaches Geography and Geology. She comes to Sauveterre three days a week. She lives near Auch and has a son called Clément and a daughter called Léa. She is also a very good skier and helps with the February ski trip to Baqueira Beret.


Virginie supervises exchanges and teaches Journal at Sauveterre. She has four children: Jules, Manon, Paul, and newly born Lola and lives locally in Lombez. She is also a professional singer and never fails to impress the pupils at the Christmas party!


Natalia Rodrigues teaches art three days a week. She is an extremely talented artist - and her love of art rubs off on the children. She is also an actress and has won an award for a play that she directed in Portugal. She has lots of ambitions for her singing too - and hopes one day to have a record deal - she has a Tracy Chapman voice and all Sauveterrians love to hear her sing in the school concerts.


Jean-François Coutens teaches brass instruments every week at Sauveterre. He plays many instruments in a band - but his speciality is the trombone. He also loves cars - in particlar the citroen. He has a motor racing car and last year he was champion in his region. His claim to fame is that he once built a car for Nigel Mansell! He looks a little bit like Mr Bean - and he even has a green mini too!


Known as 'Manu' to his friends, M. Pujol joined the teaching staff in January 2012. He teaches drama and also accompanies classes on exchanges with some of the nearby French schools. He is an excellent handball player and, until recently, competed at a very high level. Thankfully he is happy to share some this expertise with the pupils, many of whom become fascinated with this 'new' sport. He is also passionate about music and has more songs on his iPod than an entire HMV store. As a result he is always drafted in for our school discos!


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Hugues adds a bit of Rock 'n Roll to Sauveterre. Every Friday he comes to school to teach the drums and the popularity of this instrument escalates term after term. Whilst only 3 sign up for lessons in week 1, by week two the number of pupils has risen to double figures. He is also a hugely gifted pianist and guitarist and would tur his hand to virtually any musical instrument. He is softly spoken and manages to get the best out of the pupils will very little fuss. The end of term concerts are always eagerly anticipated...


Herv is one of the department's most gifted tennis players and he comes to teach the pupils once a week at the Chateau. He is often playing in regional matches and those that go and watch him play, notice his relaxed mentality on the court. He is also a formidable skier and a crucial member of our annual ski team, where he has affectionately attained the nick-name as the 'Ski-Doctor' as a result of his ability to fix any ski related problems!