General Info


To help you follow the progress of your child more easily during their time at Sauveterre, it might be useful to explain the following:

Les Classes

We have five or six classes named by colour to denote the difficulty of work but also to divide the different age groups. We try and allow for different rates of progress and speed of learning and if necessary a class change can be made. With a great deal of oral content, clearly the group dynamics of a class are important to encourage the reticent and stretch the garrulous!

Les Bons Points et Les Groupes

There are up to six Houses/Groups. As a general thermometer of progress, contribution and personal organisation, we publish the totals of the Bons Points (Good Marks/House Points). These are given by the adults for a variety of reasons (including work, sport, contribution and duty days) and they are counted once a week into the six groups. They are also gained for effort in speaking French and deducted for English spoken at the wrong moment. There is a competition between the groups in Bons Points and this is extended to Sport as well.

La Course

Regular results of running (the 600 metres round la Course for example) are tabulated also by group and best times are published to encourage gradual improvement and healthy competition in Sport. Each improvement is also rewarded by a Bon Point or a Carambar.

Les Bulletins

Reports are done regularly to check on academic progress as well as achievements and contribution out of class. A weekly assessment is made with a comment by each teacher on each child and then evaluated for achievement and effort - a maximum of ten points for each making a weekly total out of twenty. These weekly totals are eventually combined to make a term mark and give a class place. At half term there is a report written by each of the French teachers with an evaluation out of twenty for written and oral work. At the end of term there are reports with the same format as at half term but there are exam and test results as well as reports on Sport, Journal and Exchanges.

Writing Letters, Emails and on the Web

Although email is a useful means of immediate communication, regular letters will also be written. On the website, not only will we provide daily photographs of the pupils' experiences, but we will also include ad-hoc information and updates in the form of newsflash updates.