Mission Statement

During the course of Year 7 all pupils spend one term at the Château. This French project is intended to broaden a pupil’s education by enabling him or her to spend a term living in a foreign country. This provides them with the opportunity to:

  • improve substantially their command of French, wherever possible involving interaction with the local community
  • learn about the Gers and the way of life of the local people, participating in local school visits and staying with families;
  • study the geography and history of the area;
  • produce a journal requiring the use of a variety of resources, including local museums and interaction with French people from the area;
  • learn about the political structure of France;
  • maintain existing numeracy skills, scientific awareness and standards of music;
  • use the environment to inspire art and craft work, some with a technological element;
  • take part in major expeditions outside the Gers.