Boarding and weekends out

At Sauveterre full boarding applies. However, parents may visit and take their children out for a long weekend once either side of half term. Weekends out are from 12:30 Friday afternoon until 10:30 on Monday morning. Pupils return to England for half term. However, in the Spring term there is also the option of spending a week skiing in the Pyrenees as part of the Sauveterre ski trip. This is strongly encouraged but not compulsory.

Boarding staff

The boarding staff are all English. Mr and Mrs Bower are in overall charge of pastoral care and live in the main building of the Château with their family. The Assistant Directeur, Mr Stacchini, assists them at the weekends. Mrs Bower takes care of all medical matters and will take children to the local doctor if it is required. There is also a team of English GAP students in residence during term time – many of who are old Sauveterrians. They assist with pastoral care, supervision at night, changing and laundry. The male GAP students help organise sport, extra-curricular activities, and children’s duties (dining room tidying, lock-up etc). In addition, during some evenings a member of the teaching staff stays on to help with activities.


There are fourteen bedrooms in the main Château, and a flat for the Directeur and his family. There are a further ten bedrooms in the Stable Building (Les Communs). Rooms vary in size from 2 – 6 beds. Each child has a bedside locker and a set of drawers to keep clothes and personal possessions in, and there is also hanging space available. The rooms are allocated based on the children’s requests so each child will always be sharing with at least one person that they requested. The rooms are changed at Half Term.


Letters and emails are encouraged on a regular basis. A Sauveterre email account is set up or each child to which they have unlimited access. Letters are compulsory on Wednesdays and Sundays and are sent as a scan to parents. The telephone may be used for special occasions (birthdays etc) but for reasons of expense and practicality, is encouraged less than written word. Emails and other letters can be sent at any time.

Dress Code

Pupils wear school uniform during the week up to Saturday afternoon. Home clothes are worn on Sundays and if children are out with parents. A Sauveterre jumper is provided when children arrive in France.

Personal possessions

Personal possessions are kept in bedside drawers, wardrobes and in classroom lockers. Admission to bedrooms is restricted during the day, so possessions are not easily accessible. Parents and children are encouraged to label their possessions clearly before they arrive in Sauveterre.


In the Château, there are three washrooms that the children can use all with private showers, washbasins and separate lavatories. In Les Communs, there is a washroom with two showers, washbasins and two lavatories. There are also boys and girls lavatories and washbasins near the classrooms.


Food is planned and prepared by Martine Marti, who is assisted by two cooks. We serve a traditional French menu and special dietary needs can also be catered for.


The cuisine was rebuilt in 2003 and has separate rooms for deliveries, storage, refrigeration, personal washing, washing up, food preparation and cooking. There are two dining rooms and the children eat outside when possible - especially in the summer term.


The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned by the domestic staff, although twice a week there is a dormitory tidiness competition – called Rangez les chambres. 


The laundry room has three industrial washing machines and two industrial driers. Clothes are washed and ironed by the domestic staff.

Out of bounds of the Château

Pupils are shown the limit of the school grounds and may not leave the grounds except under staff supervision and with permission. A clear ditch marks the limit of the Château grounds.


There is a religious based assembly held on Sunday mornings in the Assembly Room. There is usually the offer of a chance to attend a local church or cathedral service on Sunday mornings on a voluntary basis.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are the responsibility of Mr Bower assisted by his staff and local professionals. The local Doctor is a regular visitor and is available at all times to assist if necessary. The nearest casualty department is a 5-minute drive, although there is a superb children’s hospital in Toulouse.