Personnel d'Entretien



Martine has been at the Chateau for many years providing the most delicious regional food for children and staff alike. Martine's husband, Michel, also used to work at the Chateau and in their free time they love nothing more than to head into the Pyrenees cycling or hiking.


Karine joined the domestic staff at the start of 2012 and is the Sous Chef to Martine in the kitchen. She previously worked in a flower shop so has plenty of advice for our house plants. She makes an incredible home-made soup and can famously get any school child to eat broccoli - with the aid of a secret ingredient!


Nicolas has recently taken over everything maintenance and overseeing the grounds of the Chateau, and has an eye for detail. Nicolas speaks excellent English and loves nothing more than chatting to the children, whenever he's not mowing that is!  



Josy started at Sauveterre in 2006 - filling the gap left by her mother Juliette who retired in the summer of that year. She lives in Lombez - and loves working with children.


Leontine is our gardening guru here at the Chateau, and comes once a week to help keep the grounds looking as great as they do. Leontine is a passionate grower of vegetables and can often be found at one of the local markets. We hope to use her knowledge to get the Chateau vineyard up and running again soon!


Anne-Sophie lives about five minutes from Sauveterre. She helps in the kitchen and the laundry. She has a son named Louis and a daughter named Julie. She is a keen horse rider and loves all animals.