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Château de Sauveterre Château de Sauveterre

A term of cultural and linguistic education in the South of France


Sauveterre provides its students with an unequivocally French experience, inside and outside of the classroom. All timetabled lessons, except mathematics, are taught in French and all trips aim to immerse the students in the local culture. Whilst Sauveterre provides an alternate curriculum to that of English schools, it is academically rigorous, challenging and stimulating. Students are taught a range of subjects, including: French language, French Literature and Poetry, writing a Journal in French, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Music, Drama and Art.

Upon arriving at Sauveterre, students are divided into classes based on their level of French. Class allocations are confirmed after several aptitude tests on arrival and through consultation with the Sauveterre staff. We have 3 to 5 classes with a maximum of 15 students. We try to allow for different rates of progress and speed of learning and if necessary a class change can be made. With a great deal of oral content, getting the group dynamics of a class right are important to encourage the reticent and stretch the garrulous.

Whilst language acquisition is at the forefront of our academic program, we also ensure that students are progressing and preparing for upcoming Common Entrance exams or simply maintaining the core subjects from the UK. Our well-considered Prep program, which is delivered in English, provides students with weekly lessons in English, Maths and Science. During their time at Sauveterre, students complete a range of English comprehension pieces including past CE papers, work through the CGP 13+ Science program and have an opportunity to develop their public speaking skills.

Sauveterre also has an established learning support program for those students who need extra assistance. We provide weekly intervention lessons, either individually or in small groups. Sauveterre liaises both with families and schools to ensure that each student is receiving the necessary support.

At the end of each half term, students are provided with a full academic report. These reports provide parents and schools with valuable feedback about each student’s academic progress throughout their time with us. In addition, weekly effort grades will be communicated home via a written letter.

For more information on the Sauveterre curriculum and the syllabus, please follow the links below.

      Syllabus for French SPRING 2020                Syllabus for OTHER SUBJECTS SPRING 2020

“After the rigours of the 11+ it somehow seems to have consolidated their understanding of what the hard work was all about, and left them in a position to make the most of their secondary education.”