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Château de Sauveterre Château de Sauveterre

A term of cultural and linguistic education in the South of France



Private music and singing lessons are available to all students, whether they would like to try an instrument for the first time or they are already experienced musicians. Sauveterre can cater for all musical instruments – including the drums and the bagpipes! We also encourage our students to join the school choir, as it is a great opportunity to learn French music and perform for the staff, students and locals around the area. The children also enjoy playing on the many pianos in the château and singing during their free time. Each musician is given scheduled practice times each week and can also do extra rehearsals on request.


At Sauveterre we place a significant emphasis on sport and outdoor activity. Unlike at the pupils’ host schools, there is not one dominant sport in each term. Each term we play a wide array of sports, encouraging participation in football, rugby, rounders, cricket, swimming, cross-country, handball and tennis, to name a few.

Each week pupils will also take part in the now legendary, La Course. This is a 630m race against the clock around the Château drive, with the sole aim of beating your personal record.

Various matches are arranged with local clubs and societies to satisfy the competitive characters and there are plenty of opportunities to watch some of France’s finest sportsmen and women in the area, with trips to Stade Toulouse, TFC and Toulouse Fenix often featuring during a term.                                      

We are lucky enough to have amazing grounds for the children to run around in and spend quality time outdoors. Much of the weekend is spent outside where the children will play ping pong, skipping, football and the famous Sauveterre wide game - Mr Woods! 

“Sauveterre has taught me to always be open and you shouldn’t care what other people think of you. It’s a place where you can really express yourself.”