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Château de Sauveterre Château de Sauveterre

A term of cultural and linguistic education in the South of France

Mission Statement

Sauveterre aims to provide students with a unique linguistic and cultural experience in the South of France. In the process, the children develop their character, confidence and independence within a full boarding environment.

The four objectives of Sauveterre

Linguistic and cultural education

Sauveterre is a truly unique experience, both culturally and linguistically. At Sauveterre all subjects, except for mathematics, are taught in French. In addition, on a weekly basis, students attend lessons in local French schools with students of a similar age from the surrounding area. We provide students with a plethora of opportunities to engage in the region’s culture, including market visits, village excursions, sporting events and more.

Development of character

Sauveterre aims to be a transformative experience for its pupils, not just linguistically but on a personal level. Sauveterre students will flourish in their new environment and develop independence, resilience and community-mindedness. Away from their traditional schools and outside of their comfort zone, students will demonstrate tremendous personal growth during their time in France.


Sauveterre aims to nurture an enjoyment for learning and a passion for languages. We provide a balance of academic rigour and experiential education, ensuring that students are gaining the most from their term with us. We also aim to foster an enjoyment for the outdoors and physical activity, utilising our extensive grounds for games, sports, camping and other fun activities in the woods.

Provide a unique experience

Sauveterre seeks to protect its uniqueness and stay true to its roots. It remains the only opportunity for any student from Year 6,7 or 8 to spend an entire term in France. At its core, Sauveterre is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for children.

“I didn’t think it would be so easy to learn so much French in such little time.”